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November 23, 2021:~ I Gave A City My Life ~~ And The Experiment Failed ~~ I Tried

For Four ( 4 ) Long and Crazy Years The Mad Hatter Experience attempted to captivate and " Make Happy People " but I learned a LESSON # 1 ( People Do Not Want To Be Happy) and the best part is my body ended up being destroyed as I was always pushing for ( The Next One, The Next Smile ) and that combined with whatever fucken flavor of mental illness the Mental Health System has laying in the medication warehouses is the ( Flavor of The Mental Illness that ) I get this time out and I get one of these and we being the treatment over and over again and again -- The New Recruits do Better These Days as Their Brains haven't been as Destroyed Through the Chemicals that They Used to Pass Out By A Bottle Full -- It is Hard on The Brain as it has been 38 years in the War Zone likely A Small Part of the WHY I now have C-PTSD the C = Complex - PTSD - So I get a Very Very Long Road Back to Reality ( if I even get there before I am DEAD and Planted Like A Big Seed ) -- Hey Who thought of this shit?

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