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November 26, 2021:~ Holy Sh*t ~You Hurt Me And Now I Am Seeing Patterns Of This All Over FCUK !!

Tonight I am sitting / laying ( what ever we do when we do ?) I just do not care anymore at all as I have been wounded so many, many times during my time on " THE PALE BLUE DOT " find this by Carl Sagen on YouTube `

Tonight I am angry as we had a chance -- we had a real chance to create a place where we could all live in peace ad love however a few wanted more than others and so here we are as I saw an animals called mankind

And we FCUKED it up and it really didn't take one species a very long to destroy pretty much everything he touched, saw, he ( this species ) killed everything


Mental MONETARY Hallucinations, like did you really want small chunks of paper with Dead Notables on them

I have seen many things in my time here on this planet but currently I have never the lies, and mistrust, fear and hatered

It is like we have been mind FCUKED by the BIGS and The Governments I see and I am now dealing with a eye issue that I once again needed to see my Eye-Dentist again and this time I am not allowing the drops in my eyes as this shit s an was weird

Like what the Hell is Going on anymore

As you feel it but it has NO name as of yet and we feel this one and it never leaves our minds as it

This is a long time to be stressed as this fucken thing we are dealing with is KILLING US

I am now done

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