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November 4, 2021:~ Bad Hair Day However I Like It As I Earned This As A Souvenir Of COVID 19

Welcome to the Life & World of Mad Hatter Experience ( Exposed ) as This Is Where I am most alive -- The World was Interesting and I was taught so many lessons that I will be able to use for the next 100 Years as this is my Target @ 60 Years Of Time Spent In This World

I have been hurt, a lot by people that were paid extra to cause me pain and this now is OKAY as the Pain and Suffering ended and People will remember me for a long time as This Blog, the NEWS the Papers and You all have shot pictures of The Mad Hatter Experience and then you up loaded to the web and there I live as type in Edmonton's Mightiest Heroes and you might smile as when you get labeled as a damn Hero and the other names I have been labeled with Kind Soul, Legend and Wizard are but a few I have heard and seen

King of this Hill was just on the spotify amazon play list

We all are so very BLESSED

I think we NEED to FEED the World as way to many children starve to death and we waste food all the time it is sad

Chicken Bird Food Project the $EGG Coin

Lets do this and do it rught with Open Source Accounting I want this to occur

You in ???


We can CHANGE THE WORLD TOTALLY we can fix the Carbon problem the Climate Problem

We are people we can CHANGE ANYTHING and DO IT BETTER that Ever

We have TECH

Look into the Eyes of The Man With a Hat as It Is All In The Hat

Lets Rock The Rock

Start now

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