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November 4, 2021:~ The Day Of The Leprechaun, And The Man With A Hat

Hello world that you all for being part of my life and world over ( well this last few zillion years of time ) as I am so very Blessed and Grateful that I have a group of incredible people in my corner

I was up all night last night planning out my day as I needed to shake a few negative assets off as this last few months has been hard as I need another brilliant day to sort out a few things on my list that had to be decided upon as I finally decided last night while studying my Python 3 Coding Course and that was that I will no longer "allow" people into my life and world that cause me any pain at all

See below for a wee bit more

This world in which I am being allowed to be in and to play in is so as this morning I was able to talk to a very beautiful young lady and well she turned out to be into shit that I will no longer tolerate in my life and world as I will protect me from the world in any way I can and I am thinking long term as I have an idea that my " Consciousness " will out last my physical body as I was able to get to the Post Outlet today in the Mall and not only is a WALMART going in I was also told by a security agent in the drug stores shelve area that I needed to remove my hat ( He actually was attempting to be serious I think ) and I said

" man I am only going to get a parcel at the post office and I refuse to remove the HAT as it is who and what I am and I would have walked out had he of forced this silly request at me "

Did he wish to hang to my HAT till I retrieve the parcel as the Hat is where it is At and I also say " It is all in the HAT "

So I make it to the Postal Depot in the store and a incredible lady that allowed me to retrieve my boxes when I had expired ID was there and we had a few nice words and then she found my box, and I was beat as I had walked from my Castle the Museum Of The Mad Hatter Experience to the MAUL and it was a challenge of my MIND & BODY as I was planning to grab a bus at 101st and I got there and realized that I could still move a few more steps so I went off as this was / is my Therapy for my MIND & BODY as I trip out as the Mad Hatter Experience when the Magic Hat is on my Head as GOD likes it when I make his children smile as he understands the DOSE structure we designed as these neruochemicals when triggered can make people happy for a while after the brief encounter with the dispenser that I have become --

We all need to spend a few hours with a pen and paper doing our LSD Experiment Exercises and with The LSD Profile we can directly affect out destiny and our reality as once you start it is hard to stop the Game of Designing Our Lives

LSD Experiment = Life Style Design ~ Experiment

f I began working hard on my Experiment on November 28, 2020 as I saw a place that I no longer could tolerate with me and my life and some wise man said unto me that if I didn't take PR ( Personal Responsibility ) for all of my life then others would do it for me and I might not actually like what they had planned for me

And since I had figured out that I might only get a single toss of the

Dice of Life at this event I needed to create a program on what I was going to give me the best life I could dream up

And while there is always a current of reality that we may overlook as we are in the process of living our lives we need to control the INPUTS of the SOR -- Structure Of Reality as it pertains to our personal travel in the experiment we are Blessed to call our lives

You see in 1986 in my apartment in Jasper Place ( Used to be The City of Jasper Place) I began to make some notes and this concept of the S.O.R. started to form in my mind as we must examine where my mind, life and world was at that period as I was on WCB and I was on Prescribed Opiates ( you want fries with that ) it was bad and I started to see / feel like I was being punished for something I could not yet define and it would end up taking me years and the years would end up in decades a marriage a home ( we built on it for a few 100 hours ) via Habitat For Humanity would come and go and the one " certainty was to be the Pharmacology as it began in 1983 and carries on to this day and yes the types and kinds of medicine would come and go it was a dependency on the Government, Big Big Pharma, and the Medical / Mental Health Systems that would be in my life from 1983 till today and will likely be with me until my Father in Heaven calls me home to REST

But today I had a VISION that the S.O.R. wasn't a negative in fact it was quiet the opposite as it wanted to help but I was in a nasty as hell resistance modality that was going to last a generation pretty close

Because what if the World was Conspiring to SAVE THE LIGHT?

Lucien in Latin means The LIGHT

Okay time for the Magical Mystery Tour as what was going on here and did my Grandpa on Dads side also know what his first name meant as personal computers were not there in 1960 a year before I was here and therefore Uncle Google was no where to be found either

Is this why I was allowed the life that I have been given to learn, and grow into as a full human of the Age of Computers an Knowldge as it is no longer only what we know it is how and what we do with the knowldge we aquire as we travel along the roads that were laid before us

I had a incredible teacher in Grade 1 in the same school where my life fell apart and Mrs Joly ( Grade 1 ) was going to teach me more about reading in the year I was allowed to spend under her tutelage and it proved to be exactly what I would in my world as I moved from that class to the Grade 6 class where I was labeled as a Mentally Defective Student and a label I would spend the good part of my only life I was to be allowed to prove different as a LABEL once affixed is the hardest thing for an individual to change ( or have removed ) from the Books of Life (and over this last few months I have busted my ass to PROVE that I was NO LONGER as I was called a Mentally Defective Student ( and the rest of the life that I would have was a gathering of more Negative Labels

Until I said NO MORE and decided that if it was going to occur that it would be up to me to FIX MY LIFE

And it has almost been a full year since that fateful day of November 28, 2020 when I said NO MORE and created a be being in my body and mind my heart and soul

I have been so VERY BLESSED that YOU ALL showed up to save my ass from the FIRES of HELL

I will never in the next 100 years of my life be able to repay you all for all the incredible life you have given unto me


and Now my back Hurts an my legs have sharp pains up and down them

I need a few items for the Museum of The Mad Hatter Experience from an Office / Desk Chair to a Windows based laptop to a single BLINDS for the GREAT BAY WINDOW as the sun wins in the afternoon and evenings with the BLINDING rays of Light and I am BLESSED to have this to deal with ( but I could get a few more hours of work in per day if the sun wasn't in my eyes )


Now if I could bother YOU ALL for a wee little help and a HAND UP it would BLOW MY MIND

See Below


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