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November 6, 2021:~ This Is The End Of The World ~ As Were Getting Screwed

So how is the GRAND SELECTION gonna go, whose families ARE ALLOWED to stay and serve the ELITE and which will be " WEEDED " out like CARROTS

See More Below---->

I gots nothing ( this is by there design ) keep " him / me " in the poor club, and see how he operates

Time it is to respond to ( THEY ) whom have kept me as poor as they could without drawing eyes to it

Raise the price of as inflation was 4.4% in September ( the elite don't care as their stock portfolio was up by 20-30% ) and they don't even enter a grocery store as they employ servants for that

And now the middle class ( the workers/ the fuel / the batteries / the slaves ) are not returning to work ( in the USA and a few other places )

Tonight I come before you all to basically say

In the last 19 days it was told unto me that I now have according to my Mental Health Team

Yah I now also need to deal with and process PTSD

As this shit began in and around 1969 / 1970 as I was in grade 5 and it was I think after the NASA trip to put Neil Armstrong and his team on the moon, as I was a straight ( A ) student in my Albert Lacombe Elemententary School a Catholic - Distrist 3 in St Albert school and I remember the Confessional Booths being brought into the Gym at school and it gets very fuzzy after this and I lost track of everything around this part

I was sexual abused around this time by a priest and it shut everything down and my mom and dad would find out and all shit would hit the fan

Then dad moved out after a 25 plus year marriage as after this went down and grade 6 was about to begin I was told that I would not be attending regular class and was being sent to the Mental Defective Class

This was a trouble maker class and this was the first time that it was ever set up and then my om would get ill and no one knew what the hell was wrong ( it would be MS ) and then she was ill and

Then in 1975 My Dad would Pass Away

Life was supposed to be starting for me at 14, but instead I DIED ( in every aspect but physical)

Until now

I am done as I can no longer continue to suffer as I have been in pain all my life and now tonight I am very sorry but I have to let this life go

It is just way to much for me to deal with

I just had the step kid demand more of me as this is how it was

Demand Demand

I just tried to help out as right now I see the abuse I went through in marriage land as I was being fucken played and maybe she didnt even realize it as

We had the same SHRINK and the Leading Forensic Shrink in Alberta at that

FUCK I see it all now

I have been used abused and screwed with all my life

Think of this you and your wife is having issues and the shrink is playing both of you with meds and ideas to screw the other person over

This was 7 years ( I figured it now *just now* )

And a billionaire is pulling strings around your world also

Oh fuck I was / AM a damn ---- > Pet a Toy a something to be used as then the whole system gets behind the game in 2013 and it then becomes a drama

I am taking me life as soon as I get a few small things taken care of as I go as I have a few library books to return and a few people to get a few personal items to

I can't do it no more as I did try so fucken hard as I

Was used and I have nothing and no one around me anymore

I deserve this as I made 1000's of people happy in my last 4+ years

I haven't been happy in so long ( and I have no damn idea what love is anymore or maybe ever as the Priest and Catholic system saw to that I was made a failure to show the world what THEY can do)

I have tried -- but everyone around me always took what they could and then went away, the last was that

Lynn_Trade bitch off Instagram who I foolishly told I wanted to get a few items to make my life and world a little bit easier ( like a system ( computer ) that I would have a couple monitior as then I could trade and play with stocks / crypto and NFTS -- so moved in on me and scammed me $500 and then said I needed $730 USD to get back $4846 USD I didn't have the money and she told me to bad

You know if we do this kind f shit to each other it comes at us and all and in always

I have been watched and monitored all my life as I was a experiment

I remembered a few days ago the first funeral I attended a friend ( classmate in grade 4, a Dale Wiesburger kid sat right next to me, only it was weird as when I wend into the church and yes it was the same church as that damn priest got me in his body was at the front of the church and his face looked like it was covered in GLASS freaked me out ) and then after we as a school and class never talked about it or death and we it was assumed by the people in charge of us that children in Grade 4 would know everything we needed to know about about death

Tonight I see that shit for a doctor Dr Otto Cadsky manipulating both of us ( me & wife ) and God no more I just want

This all to end already as this is a crazy bad dream

Guess what YOU cannot do ( well I guess you can ) control me when I am dead )

I just decided that I am leaving

I was sent to FACS by the Court for what I did to the WCB and they wanted me shut up and well this is what the Alberta Government did and still does I will now exit

And if my life was manipulated from the cradlle to the grave how about yours

See the other posted post ( called Manipulated by The SOR - Structure Of REality )

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