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November 7, 2021: ~ We Need Each One Of Us ~ I Needed You Then As The NIGHTMARE Began

Today as I move into this evening I am losing my grip, as I was now involved in the high end of The Provincial Governments Psychiatrict Sytem it was 1987 and I was done as the fact that it that Year I as a Direct of The Letter from MY FILE took out the top of the WCB system I was also responsible for shutting their Rehabilation Center down totally on The South Side ( go figure ) yah it was me the

" Drunk & Stoned, Injured Man " the shit disturber from hell all upper management gone new facility to serve all injured workers in MY province of Alberta

And my beatings were only about to start and medicines ( yah right ) more like my over medications were only just about to get started as my life / world would be disrupted from that point likely forever ( the known and the unknown ) was only just about to get started as I became a GUIANA PIG a TEST RABBIT ( a human that no longer was that a human being ) but " the one we ( system ) was going to fuck with "

A 34 sentence seemed fair to them ( at the time ) as when I was " stopped & basically kidnapped " from in front of the address I was allowed to be in as THEY own the GAME BOARD and we get to bounce around the squares and try not to get to screwed up / over

But what you all need to know / learn / study upon ... and that is if they can do what they did unto the

" Drunk & Stoned Injured Man " in the 1987's til 2006 when the exchange was made and my life file was directed form the man / doctor who couldn't write enough prescriptions to the BOOKENDZ that were even as bad or as worse as here we Gordon & Bishop who one would work for a 6 month stint and then hand off files of their shared and likely screwed over clients as the other took a 6 months stint ( this was to supposedly pay less in taxes ) all I know is that my medications would go up on Gordon and down on a Bishop annd yet from 2006 to 2011 I never needed to be instautiojnalized even one time

then it feel apart as I moved away from being on my own and doing the bills as I was to living in a friends place and he offered to get a piece of the rent and he helped me out alot

I was already clean in WEEDS ( 2006 ) and SMOKES ( 2007 ) and Opiates ( 2010 ) and then a tragic move on March 1 / 2011 and I fell apart -- it was 21 days and my stuff ( what the movers [ hired by the governement ] as like I said I fell apart totally as I had hired a moving company [ Premier ] and they screwed it up totally on March 1, 2011 and I then drowned in the BOOZE as it was my last addiction and the worst well we got the stuff from my life / and world and one marriage to a new place into a building that was incredible and I felt blessed, but on the March 21, 2011 I was greeted by 6 --8 Police Officers at my front door and I was fucked up and all the boxes were still unpacked as they just arrived they loaded me into a van and took me right to AHE ( the state mental hospital ) where I was going to send 6 months trying to be good, remember i had already BY MYSELF -- WITH NO HELP STOPPED

WEEDS 2006, SMOKES 2007, and OPIATES 2010

But you know how it can be damn wine and it was good wine too

That 6 months I learned a lot as my LANDLORD was GREAT as we would chat on-line and shit as the doctor medicated me to ZOMBIE LAND ( this is what they do to ENEMY's of the STATE ) I didn't remember and I had ZERO choice as I wanted to go HOME

I haven't had a HOME since the Church Priest had his way with me in 1969 / 1970 I was dead

I remember going to the apartment one time and I was so high ( on mental medications) that I tripped going up an escalator and almost met the gears at the top but for someone reaching down and pulling me up

Oh yah and a class I was supposed to teach at the retirement village in friends building and I didn't know it had wifi and I was unplugging cords and my phone rang and I thought I was going to tossed out ( I was HIGH )

Then on March 28, 2012 I had a very sharp pain in my left shoulder and I called 911 and by the time I was at the elevator the EMS people were there like they were waiting

This adventure would see a chunk of my right LUNG CHOPPED out of my chest

Then in September 3, 2013 I arrived after my daily walk to a stack of papers jammed 1/2 under my door .... opened and called to see what we could do as I was late on $500 rent and my friend and me were fighting over some other shit and I was off the BOOZE now since February 15, 2013 when Two City Of Edmonton Police Officers arrived at the door

It couldn't have been the booze I thought as I was clean and that was 201 days ( longest I had ever gone )

The Management Team wants a face to face meeting and I know I am screwed the meeting is at 830am

I was early as I went to feed the birds I always fed, downloaded a song ( not knowing it would be my last one as a freeman ) it was Edwin McCain Could Not Ask For More

Meeting time and I am in the cage he called his office and I take the trench coat off and toss it to the floor and then Karen walks in and now I know I am screwed as 2 against 1 and I am short $500 he he belts out " pick it up and get it out of here " Karen goes to do it and he then yells let him do it " okay I bend over grab the coat and toss it just out side the cage ( ok office ) and I sit down and I now being yelled at as I knew I had zero chance and I leave ( and I was gone forever ) I was never to go back to my apartment and all my things were according to what I heard tossed out

I am hearing this when I am LOCKED in a ASYLUM at the U of A under three ( 3 ) Shrinks all ladies and smart as they stabilized me and in that time the Social Worker decided that she didn't have to help me at all to figure my life and my next home out as I was on my own

The three months of my sentence would expired on December 4, 2013 and I officially became HOMELESS that day

I attempted to KILL MYSELF 2 X that day

Ty saved me the first time a guy I never met before and only seen one time since

They changed the music the second time

I was then back at the bank depot checks / MO from 2 places that turned me down

I picked up 5- 8 Prescriptions and the some food at Sobeys ( the meat loaf was like my moms ) and I went to the hospital and the two wheelchairs with all my stuff on were still at the doors

Security found me and took me to see the ER shrink and he set me up to be homeless too as I gave up as I realized I had ZERO FRIENDS ( I still feel that feeling some times and it is worse now as people want to claim they are friends of The Mad Hatter Experience as they want their ego to claim they know someone famous

When in fact you CREATED me and YOU DESIGNED the whole program of my life from the day the Priest did his shit to the last time you seen me and took a picture of me with you

Well YOU took a PART of MY SOUL& LIFE


Remember I didn't do no bad to you, and only accepted what crumbs that you tossed for me to survive ( Thank YOU ALL )

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