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November 7, 2021:~ Whistle Blower ~ The Light ~

I a why back in 1987 between April & December, and a drunk - stoned and injured man would arrive on the streets of a major city that he arrived in just a short nine ( 9 ) years earlier and his arrival would mark an event that would rock the Legislator Building and The Government of Progressive Conservatives and the Leadership of Don Getty and to start a war was not the intent of the Drunk & Stoned, Injured Man as he arrived to seek help that an agency that came under a arms length distance was to help and not destroy .

The Drunk & Stoned Injured Man only wanted an appeal as the battle began to have his case heard by a totally biased group of WCB employees ( how could they be fair ) it was a joke but anyways they would not allow the Drunk & Stoned Injured man even an unfair appeal and then the Drunk & Stoned, Injured man said unto them " but how can this be as YOU / WCB placed my human body on a [Broken Traction Unit] and ripped my spine apart they quickly denied this ocured and attempted to make the Drunk & Stoned Injure Man look foolish ( well his Drunk & Stoned Injured Man had parents that taught him that right always is right, stand for what you believe in as if you don't you stand for nothing ) so the Drunk & Stoned, Injured man decided to stand for the Working Men & Ladies in His Province of Alberta

See Below--->

And so came to be a WAR of the Goliath and Drunk & Stoned Man a Billion ( Multi ) organization against a dude with less that $10,000 in assets ( you have heard this story

before eh? ) this version is better as it is a very long, long term battle that goes on for a Drunk & Stoned Injured Mans life time with No Vacations, no Breaks , Poverty Living and Courage and Death everywhere

It would take finally being allowed a Appeal as the Media in the 80's along with the Minister in Charge of the WCB decided to give me the appeal and then stop this

At the Appeal I was barely able to walk as it hurt as I had siatica and if the you ever had you know what I felt

I tried to be NICE and to show the total UNFAIRNESS of the system they CEO Ken Pals was on the appeals board that I was appealing to, oh great so that is one against ( I knew ) an I was nice even in pain and I thought well this is where I get ugly and I told him that I had a letter from my file that said says the WCB used a BROKEN Traction Unit on ME

I was NOT gonna bring it with and the silly man KENNY said YOU don't have it

So I got home with a ride ( a man I called Uncle Nick ) as he was the man reason I even had the $10K as he taught me about stock markets etc

I called my buddy at the Edmonton Journal and said it is time I have the letter and he basically flew over to the place i was in and got the letter and in the next couple of days the Minister Jim Dening pretty much was force to call a PUBLIC INQUIRY

and guess what they found 14 pieces of broken or in a state of disrepair devices to treat injured workers on

and CEO bro Kenneth ( whats the frequency ) Pals was FIRED along with a few other people on his team ahah

But I got lost in the wine and started a case a wine syndrome of consumption and I was so screwed up that I supposedly threatened to Kill Jimmy and Alcohol Counseler

Oops that was now going to cost me as they called in about a week later to the City Police and saved my ass by that delay as the Police still had to arrive and they came when I was parked in my chair in front on the WCB Offices ( HQ ) in Edmonton ya they arrived 12 -13 cars and officers all the hell over the place with GUNS

oh oh I fucked up I thought and I didn't even have a bottle to celebrate with em either

they took me off to downtown Police Center and said sit and brought me a phone a damn dial phone

I called my broker and said sell it all it was just before the crash and I was ut but I had to do a bit of time in a medical unit at OLD ERC and was then sent to Forensics 3 / 7 to see if I was truly INSANE

Answer was ( we're not sure ) haha and I was sent into court and the issue was then a bus i bought for $3500 and that fact that they the WCB waited to call the Police but I was in order for them to save face sentenced to one ( 1 ) year at FACS

And this is where the NIGHTMARE begins

File Next as I am in PAIN again and I don't wanna push reality as if i do it lasts a while

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