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November 8, 2021:~ Dependency Is What They Are Selling ~

I have been dependent since 1989 approx. as they set it up this way as once upon a time on March 15, 1985 ( likely before some of you all were born ) I was 24 and healthy as a horse until I went to work and grabbed a box / a bag of 12 / 2Kg flour off the rack and pop went my back, and I mean pop.. and I would come to wish that I had died as the pain was intense ( and so began my adventure in OPIATE use ) as I had my Dr Joyce Myles Ferguson whose office was a block over and she have my a bottle of Tylenol # 3 and sent me to the Drug Store People and remember the OPIATE Overdose Epidemic was not to start until 2013 when the rich kids started to die in the 100's you know when I overdosed no one gave a shit -- and even though I was able to get MYSELF clean in 2010 I had ZERO HELP from any doctor except to label me as a OUD which then would NOT STOP the doctor ( family ) from getting me all jacked up again in 2020 ( January 3, 2020 ) and I stopped in 2010 on November 9th coming off of Methadone

see below-->

I started to come off the Methadone on April 16, 2010 when I was once again in my then Dr office a Dr John Henderson who had me in his office 2 3 x a week as I even had his home number if it ran out

But that day was to change my life and my world as the 207 days to get clean for the first time in 25 years and by the way I was Clean For 9 years 1 month and 25 days until my BODY was cut into by yet another doctor once again in a Catholic Hospital and then I was told " it is something that I have never seen before " ( hey that was reassuring ) and then she pets my head and strokes my hair as she says " you will be alright "

The next time she did BONE BIOPSY with no FREEZING ( what is with you all ) haven't you heard I don't like blood and especially mine

Amazing and the number of times that my stomach was pumped or I was forced to drink the Charcoal

But it would take the RICH KIDS to make it news worthy , as we can't have the RICH KIDS dying from Drug Overdoses ( ask Pirdue the maker of Oxyointin cost em 8 Billion and they company was shut down ) and the Sadler family won't be broke as the system allowed to STAY rich through some link in the law ( fuck they put young men away in Jail for dealing weeds / which is LEGAL in a lot of places including Canada ) but the Sadlers got off

YOU did this to me as you all made money off of me and I was thinking what can I give the world

Then after my BONE BIOPSY it took from December 31, 2018 to January 3, 2019 I am back on OPIATES, and I pleaded as from the first pill the price would go up rapidly, as when I went for my WOUND / BEDSORE Operation once again it was a Catholic Hospital and the same Vampire Doctor that CUT ME OPEN on January 3, 2021 as I was admitted into the Hospital on March 11, 2019 and a antibotic was started that night by a young Muslim lady from a Military Unit I guessed as the way that she attacked the IV Pump it was crazy I was Given a New Mattress a Hill Rom Air Mattress at $175 a day the Wound Vac would start a few days later at $125 a day

I worked so fucken hard to stay clean ( and it was NEVER the STREET that I got my drugs from but it WAY ALWAYS the pusher Doctors and dealer Druggists

New Game D&D = Doctors & Dealers

And there dangerous they like to cut things ( you up )

I am thing of this all as everything in my world has been a drama a movie that the systems have created and designed

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