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November 8, 2021:~ In The Last 8 Years I Have Come Along Ways --As This Ways Me Then?

That was me, then and I was sent on a journey that was gonna cost me my teeth all of them in a 45 Minutes Torture Session as I laid there stoned out of my mind from the MENTAL DRUGS that the Doctor I was FORCED to see while in a out of the way ( they wanted me as far away from everything as they could ) a Dr Thaker ( and I never even had a single session ALONE with him ) not one as I had a Social Worker that I was also " ALLOWED " to see and every thing I would tell her and the Thaker Dr with her would go back to the Lady --The COMMADANT FLO that owned me for 11 months and she was damn incrdible at making up insane rules

Don't walk on the GRASS you will BEND IT ( the GRASS ) she was more concerned over that damn grass than the three inmates she housed in the LIZARD CAGES ( me ) and 2 other GUYS in the CELLAR

Another RULE -- don't go on the top level of the deck as it was only for her and her HUMAN friends

MEDS - she was always screwing around in the dirt when spring, summer and fall and she would have dirt, on her hands, and under her finger nails and my pills had to touch her dirty fucken hands before I was to put them in my mouth ( but she was being paid extra for Medication Management )

Phone calls long distance it was always me calling everywhere I had no where and she would have it taken off my check ( I had no say ) it I would realize was totally pointless in attempting to try and argue with this damn crazy lady as she HAD TO BE RIGHT or the food on my plate would be less the day after

She set this dental thing up with the dentist out side of the Stony Plain Hospital a Dr Alla D ( it is Russian ) and I was so damn stoned that I sat in the damn dentist chair for 45 minutes as alll my teeth some 22 of them were yanked out of my mouth and blood well there was plenty and pain it was fucken incredible -- and if you every had a tooth pulled you were frozen and still it hurt now IMAGINE 22 TEETH and ZERO FREEZING

The SYSTEM was aware --everyone was aware and therefore complicate in the torturing of ME and you know one day you all will arrive at a place and your KARMA will be amoungst you and it will likely cause you all also some pain

I suffered ALL MY LIFE for YOU ALL


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