NOW A Nurse Decides I Must Spend Less Time On-Line

SCREW this, as I have been reduced from walking, and now [[they]] ayah you all and you know who you all are, have decided I need to be trained even more so, when do I get to start receiving my "I am a trained circus animal dividends check:"

What you want me to bark too?, "I was a damn human being only a year ago." Lost that "RIGHT" In this screwed up messed up little world that most are unhappy in and don't know waht to do to fix it so on their personal level they

Do "State Change Alterations" and for some it is a daily ritual as they really hate themselves and the world around them

I am damn Angry at this moment as IAM NOT a animal (oh hell I am) YOU ALL ARE TO they lied and said YOU were a HUMAN

The Elite ( 1% ) if you buy this stuff needed YOU as a Battery a Fuel Cell which they keep alive for their own amusement

My Pain and Suffering is Your Wake Up Call folks


Take my life away inch by inch is likely not a wises move as it always costs more this way as it is cheap for an "amusement" to C&C me now, the ladder up costs more per rung than one can imagine

Outsider --- is on Ian Hunter fitting song right now

Going to relax till the moment to dose hits

Remember we as a society "Designed By Society Inc." created me over decades of mistreatment and this blog has been up for just 12 days now:

And I am growing and getting HUNGRY and HUMBLE to all that is as it was before we were capable of destroying everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell EVERYTHING Humans are kind of amazing we always want everything always

Don't Let Go (demo) Ian Hunter

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