O.B.E.Y. -- EVERYBODY 'on my teams'

to the point that I am losing my damn mental health challenged, chemically charged three pound hunk of meat between my big as one of my elementary school *(grade 5)* teacher Ms. Kemlani said ''you have donkey ears'' -- and dad flipped out and my marks went from straight A's from grades 1 - 5 to well I couldn't buy a D in grade 6 and dad moved out of the family home -- I wasn't the ''golden one'' anymore and he quit on his "boy" I was a 8 year old kid

And you remember the elementary school guidance counselors, good then your memory is better than mine as they didn't exist

but Mr. Bennet principal of Albert Lacombe Elementary school was about (remember this is a Catholic School) in the late 60's and Dad & Mom were Good Catholics we went weekly to the

Big Church on The Hill Over looking the "Town" - I somehow remember dressing up tie and all -- then I "FAILED"



The Year we "LANDED" on the MOON

I was 8 '

So we begin to punish a 8 year old "CHILD"

so we set Bennets baby-sitting class other wise known as a Remedial Class - I will call it the ISO class-around 10 plus kids there was like chairs and desks off the stage with divider walls and the school library was off the end of it

I do NOT understand the meds I am being fed right now but it is like a movie of my past and maybe after this I will be able to (maybe) have a bit of actual fun before I go ((HOME))

Cause SCHOOL was / is kind of boring and I sort of gave up I had read most of the Encyclopedia Britannia

I was 8 ' years old

Dead but the NOTDEAD

I was 8' 1969

Mom & Dad would like to go out to dinner n' dance on the weekends

then (((( mom got ill ))) 1969 (different times)

8 years old in the Western World In Fact Canada first generation Dad Algerian Mom Albertan / Austrian

And DONE (almost) 50 years, very long years later almost done

I am part African -- THEY hid me well didn't THEY

Hell THEY even Hid me from me for most of that time -- in fact I am still attempting to reassemble this damn mess that came with this Title --- Lucien Faciote II

In fact even my last name has been a lie from before [maybe] the time I was born as the real names are Lucien Jean Edgar Facciotti II

I was 8 '

I am still learning (attempting to) learn about *what I am* as a question asked by a young man in the Hospital AHE was this

"what are you?"


You are me and we walk in the light

IAM being held in a jail cell sometimes between January 27, 2014 and April 30, 2014, when I found that Lucien = The Light

I have been in the 815 days of this "event" in my life // world that you as a community call The Mad Hatter -- I haven't had a day off I walked in




BUT major issue I was raised in a very active Catholic Faith Home -- And We here we go


The Holy Roman Catholic Church and Therefor God and Jesus Christ (my PERSONAL Savior)

You know where I go if I kill myself?



it gets worse -- no Air Conditioning at all no water

and as Will "TESTIFY"

It is HOT


By `1972 dad was gone moved out and it and I am 11 in Grade 7 Mr Pinkos Class

By 1972 mom is ill and I see her at the General Hospital Edmonton AB

By 1973 dad has a 1st heart attack (and we knew some shit that about Hearts even in 1973) and dad couldn't -- well this is almost like stealing candy from a baby '''

DAD -- Couldn't


YUP he couldn't / wouldn't stop the smokes (not weed) nor the alcohol

1974 dad gets strike 2 I am in Grade 8 and 13 (here we go)

and mom my dear loving and nurturing mom gets caught ripping off the Safeways out the back gate

This is where it gets really fucken cool as ''you can make a movie outta this shit)

1974 October / November she supposedly goes to court and the judge supposed says yes says to my mom,

30 days or 30 $$

Crazy stuff -- she is "unwell" (turned out to be M.s.) and she takes the 30 days

Going to come back here 'need to get my drugs' (legal) no recreational for me

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