O.U.D. = Opiate Use Disorder And / Or Playing With Fire in Hell V.01

It would take two City Police Officers two visits on back to back mornings 5ish a ride unhand cuffed, in the back of a cruiser with my Mad Hatter gear *coat, candy, staff, and hat* to a major metropolitan hospital on January 3, 2019 as I was in terrible pain from a open wound that I just had a biopsy on December 31, 2018 (4 days) and it was still bleeding,

I was banded and allowed to wander in the hospital until a bed could be found, I would end up meeting nurses, doctors, cleaners, security, admin people who all wanted to engage into a dialogue with the Mad Hatter as they had seen me for months walking bye their hospital

It would take an ER Doctor (T) from 9am ish when I was given a bed, until 2 pm to unsuccessfully attempt too get me on a "simple" (Tylenol # 3) as she had my personal physician on the phone also attempting to get me to make this horrible move. Finally I was sent to see my doctor and she would spend more time listening to the arguments against Codeine (a mild opiate)

But we are *conditioned* (rightly or wrongly) from early childhood to "trust the doctor" and January 3, 2019 would be the start of the end for me. As at 4pm this day I would once again become a "user" a junkie ( on the wrong side of the fence ) as i had seen this low grade B movie before in my life and it would run then for 25 years till I decide I couldn't do the Opiates no more (March 15, 1985 to November 9, 2010) damn I slipped and thiis is what JUNKIES do and it is OKAY as I need them for pain so there is rationality from the SOR *Structure Of Reality* around the JUNKIE as it is not their neurochemistry that is being fuc*ed with RIGHT?

Problems with Opiates besides the obvious addiction one, is the drug interactions and only it seems a few Mental Health Professionals ever see this enough to figure it out is that you shouldn't mess with a persons neurochemistry at all as it creates ISSUES like the talking about suicide (we know this happens) as a spices and yet we always blame the user / victim as a


and not a


It is so much easier this way *RIGHT?*

january 3, 2019 start Opiate Program January 12, 2019 first intervention by the PACT (Team) as guess it I was talking pain and suicide

Would turn out talking about the S word is strictly a TABOO subject as we internally wish it would just gi away

Hey [ White Picket Fence World ] --- It won't go away

So lets actually talk about it OK?

Honest Talk and No Police as they have "bad guys" to get okay!!!

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