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Oct 1: Humans Destroy Everything Including Humans ( Mentally ill Are Scapegoated)

You know when you spend 40 years in the Mental Health Industry / Machine watching everyone you ever knew get wiped off the face of the Earth it is hard as I seem to be "the last of a dying breed" I am 61 years old and not ready for the WAR that needs to be started as the system here in my City takes 11 lives ( EVERY FUCKEN DAY ) 11 x 365 = 4,015 the Funeral Director Business looks like a decent business if you could score that contract a box $ 999 plus the extras $ 500 = $ 1499 x 4015 = $ 6,018,485 ( fucken 6M )

Fuck the truth is they don't want to stop these needless deaths as it is a very profitable venture

And THEY ARE always watching us as we are PROPERTY like livestock, ie Sheeple People

My Controllers are 1 Doctor A Patel and she hurt me for a very very long then she tossed me away as I was naught, and I was cut opened as I was made to walk around or stay in a room as I have a gift from God & Jesus Christ have us much, but we always fuck up one way or another EXPERIMENTIAL Model as I have a OWNEDBYPATELA44100113FACLJE

Controler # 2 Jasmin.Merian Beauty Landlord

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