Oh My God -- Card Of Mine Turns Up

at a local mental health care provider "that was all they had to say" Yup -- Oh My God He Has Lost It aha -- you see one day I will be done here, but the simple card (750 have gone on out since July 16, 2019) will show up in business card file tucked away in a back of a drawer

As I have a interview with DATS (Disabled Adult Transportation Services) tomorrow I needed to talk

And it was also determined that Lucien (hey that is still me, "keep asking myself why I have to be me?" AM LONELY) Yup you all see me and "ASSUME" I have a rich life, I am not talking about fiances -- this one is deep in the heart and soul --very deep inside it where my demons live --and I cry lots after a short course on DBT (emotional regulations which very quickly became emotional dis-regualtion) as I woke up a part of me the alcohol had sealed in a basket for decades...and she my last psychiatrist "NEEDED" to open the door and then hand off the file as I was set on fire emotionally for the first time in all my life, I started to feel kindnesses, caring and then exactly 44 years

Yup and as we established earlier in my writings is that LONELINESS is all alone and by itself a Mental Illness

Try and Remember the Rubber Plant on the front of this blog *rubber* bounces all things back to normal (oh yah now I want to do is attempt to sell you a normal schizophrenic)

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