On August 21, 2019 I Was Given A Second Chance At Life

I was dead, as all hope was gone and I kind of just stopped living -- from tracking assets to logging calories -- I was done the week of August 4 to 10 i walked 9.12 miles (today alone I did 6.8 mile) last week after the news I was miraculously healed I walked 41.88 miles = 67 km

Data does lie sometimes, but I feel and am thinking different (even looking for a lady friend to hang out with) --and having dreams of "MY" future and it is a brilliant future as I get to be "AMUSEMENT" on a global scale -- right now money is incredible but I see a future where "MY" ladies will not lack as I just keep "MAKING HAPPY PEOPLE" compensation will catch up -- as I have food, a great home and medical treatment (these are all a why I am still alive today) as it was solid (and were so Blessed to be alive at this point in history, it is so amazing (hell there is an app for that) wanted to say that for a while now

This is why I needed to be tested and TESTED HARD at times over the last six (6) years of Lucien's Great Adventure I was "allowed" into places most people never even think of at all

And YOU ALL were LOVING and KIND as anything to me:

We have our crosses to carry (mine at times was unkind) as it was just horrible to breathe and I saw no point

However I / we managed to keep me both "clean and sober" and for that I am so very grateful as you all carried me when I was down

There is a lovely poem called "foot prints" in that modality as Angels carry the man whom is weary from his travels and need a "life saver" (thank you Bernie and Team) for the spearmint Life Saver as I needed it and YOU sensed it along with the TEAM - and I am Blessed:

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