Only 76 Days Into Being 60 Years Old And 15 Days Into "The Experiment"

76 days has been a great trip and i am so very BLESSED as this last 76 days has brought me so much as I mover today into day 15 of my L.S.D. " Experiment " PHASE ONE ( That is what life is now for me ) as it was before but I wasn't doing the Social Designing of "my" Personal Reality it was April 6, 2021 that I " Decided " to " UP-LEVEL " my " Personal Responsibility for " my " Life because after all this is the only LIFE that I get to " EXPERIENCE " in this meat suit called Lucien ( hey you have one too ) seems we all do, which at times is weird.

It is it would seem ~~ I am changing a lot of things in my life and I am dropping many relationships that I have allowed to keep me " in my place " as a mental patient living a life that doesn't allow for much growth ~ I they ( the people in my life and world ) wanted me to be needy and like I " needed " them and then they would withhold their " time " ( even on the phone or email ) is supposed to be a " GIFT " from them ( I had to " obey " the things they said to do ).

They however were not there in my time of need and I will forgive them - but it seems to be a separate thing to forget what occurred, I wish I could some how forget ( a brain transplant might do it ) I doubt it as I have permanent " physical " scars from some of what I have been through that I had no power to stop.

I do have a Hard Core Group of real friends that have been with me through my times of need and I am so very grateful and BLESSED that they have been in my world and life as they are my most cherished gifts.

When my entire life crashed on September 4, 2013 I had zero, zip, nada damn idea as to what was coming in the next few days, weeks, months, and years and With This Hard Core Group and GOD and Son Jesus I have been allowed to be sane still.

Gumbee is a thing I won't forget as when my remaining 22 teeth were extracted on June 22, 2016 ( without the aid / benefit of freezing and while I was full conscious ) it left a place in my life I can't forget as every time I get a craving for chewy foods I am screwed ( I have forgiven Dr Alla but how the hell can I forget ) as I see people with great teeth and one tooth is great teeth when you have non ) it reminds me of that day -- but it needed to happen as it happened as I needed the " time management " program to allow me to have the life I have now as what I have is beautiful as it is a gift and I am so very grateful for it all.

I am going to do some work now as it is evening in my life and world at 144am so you all have a great day.

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Mad Hatter

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