Open Letter To My Incredible Psychiatrist (who has been open with me)

sir --thank you for your guidance and prompts to make me always think beyond the box, or mirrored meeting room, (that room is magikal)

You have kept asking me "What Do You Want?"

Today is day 206 of me knowing you and you (unless you had knowledge before you accepted the portfolio of my life / brain / mind) you knowing me and we spent some way serous time in the room of mirrors (my favorite room in the whole system) as it leaves (OTHERS) in the head to play around

And after the year I have just had *OTHERS* are always there, in my head (control)

I finally

"know what I want?"

I want = "To Walk Up & Down 111 Ave Edmonton Alberta Canada, and Give Out Candies" (Werthers)

hey I got it -- But I somewhat did this unto myself (Girls / Ladies) Tekla did this

Go Figure


"What do I want?"

we will take this as actually to mean from the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) OKAY??

How about we do a slight of hand linguistic swap on "want to / need"

What I need is this:

See YOU (The SYSTEM) took something from me as I got very ill / sick on September 4, 2013 and that was a benefit called

Direct Landlord Supplement from a Corporation I had a long standing relationship with of (say 22 years) 1992 to 2013 called

Capital Region Housing Corporation and the benefit was $550 a month (and it is now down by $50 a month to a benefit level of $500 a month)


You took this benefit away from me BECAUSE I GOT SICK IN ALBERTA (bad idea) Only SICKNESS ISN'T A CRIME

But I did 37 months in your mixed up screwed up S.O.R.

And you and the system pretty much stole $500 a month from a guy with a horrible mental illness called SCHIZOPHRENIA

That wasn't supposed to make it back from the "land of the dead" WAS I?

WELL I AM BACK -- and somewhat alive (grateful for it all too)


The Power To Communicate On and To Various Levels and Groups using Technologies of communications called N.L.P. [ Nero Linguistic Programming ] '

I am on a System called AISH and on this system I am "allowed" to earn/create/ extract $1,072 extra a month

Here is what I propose -- (we) I have a hidden partner know as (AK) go into schools, from elementary, to university levels to do talks to our youth on sh*t mom and dad should / could / would love to teach their own offspring about -- but you know "a party, a movie,a dinner, a concert, some other bull sh*t came up and billy and suzy are placed 2nd in learning not to kill themselves with some damn poison (that mommy and daddy both use in excess n, so that they don't actually care if there own kids DIE

so we have an educational modal

[ B.T.W. ] my little partner also needs a little extra in his soup / cereal bowl at month end.

Now we have my chicken soup stock pot of $1,072

I am allowed, and I am damn good at laughs (go figure a damn crazy person intimating a crazy person from a book that came out in 1865 is good at a laugh or two)

Check, we have seniors, disabled and even regular hospitals that are where some seriously "bummed out / depressed, sad " people go

Send me in to as Bob Marley said "shake it up"

I am the one that you can "study" (write a book on) as a long time we missed a incredible singularity

How many eccentric , famous, naked, schizophrenics that are as open with there lives you actually think will arrive in say the next 100 years

Now we have a cheerful module

$1,572 a month and (AK) a couple bills

And then this extra (like there will be extra) I just get to give back

And Girls / Ladies on MY Team love shoes (go figure so do I :-) so many shoes,

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