Opening My Life And Soul / Heart / Energy Up To You All

I cut a deal with the Holy Father, Jesus, Universe when in

1) E.R.C. (Edmonton remand center) did 88 days locked down 23 hrs a day for 12 / 911 calls in 2013 (did 88 days) April 22, 2013 ---they messed up

2) and then again the same deal (same date) April 22, 2019, at the Covenant Hospital

the basics of the deals were


1) get me out and I will serve mankind (humanity) and

2) I will serve mankind (humanity) at a higher level

This is why I walk the streets of YOUR CITY and amuse YOU

and make a few well placed donations a month

"Serving" is the Key Word

I needed both events in my life to transpire to be here now


I suffered on both occasions (but the lessons opened my soul/heart/life/energy up to you all)

You see I have been asked over and over "what it is that I want?", by TEAM leaders

This weekend I finally figured it out

To "SERVE" a kind / understanding / pretty (all of you are) / girl / lady that loves shoes and has great feet, and maybe a car (or moped) kidding on the moped


You see I have pretty much all the "physical" that I could ever dream up (damn Imovane)

Yes the Mad Hatter is finally "mentally" (at a place) that a Ms Hatter feels okay - not looking for a room mate, a bed mate, a friend is all I am seeking, and someone that is smarter than me (a can of tuna is at times that someone) kidding

But you should love to invent games of the mind, as I told a good friend a year ago "I would rather get mentally __ __ CKED than physically as it last longer"

Should be a best friend, a great teacher, and a student

Here is something for your morning tweets (Mad Hatter is Submissive, If it works well) OR NOT if it doesn't -- a coffee would still be nice and friendship an option still

Keep in mind I have a few battle scars to show I actually --- LIVED

Must like to dance in the snow or rain

send a note

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