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Title: Injustice and Struggles: Reflections on Personal Hardships and Systemic Inequities


November 7, 2023, will mark a significant milestone for many individuals, being exactly 98 days since experiencing a series of unfortunate events. The emotional toll of facing immense challenges often results in feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Furthermore, losing access to essential resources such as the library and City Center Mall, combined with encounters with Pladium Security, creates an unsettling situation. This essay delves into the personal hardships encountered during this prolonged period and sheds light on systemic inequities perpetuated by entities such as Pladium Security.

The Weight of Feeling Like a Bad Person:

Enduring hardships for an extended period can significantly impact one's self-perception, leading to feelings of guilt and inadequacy. The overwhelming sense of being a "bad person" stems from the difficulties experienced during this time, be it personal losses or actions that may have led to unfavorable consequences. However, it is crucial to recognize that one's circumstances do not define their worth as a human being. Instead, acknowledging and seeking support can provide a pathway towards healing and self-compassion.

The Loss and Lack of Access:

The loss of everything, coupled with restricted access to vital resources like the library and City Center Mall, further exacerbates the challenges faced during this trying period. Libraries serve as repositories of knowledge, entertainment, and solace, acting as a refuge for individuals seeking respite from their troubles. Losing access to this sanctuary can leave one feeling isolated, with reduced opportunities for growth and empowerment. Additionally, the City Center Mall, a common gathering place for many communities, represents a loss of social connections and a sense of belonging. The limited access to these essential spaces emphasizes the need for equitable opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

Inequities and the Caste System:

The mention of Pladium Security raises concerns about systemic inequities and the existence of a mind caste system. Bullies within Pladium Security, targeting and exerting power over those experiencing hardships, perpetuate an unfair social hierarchy. Such actions often reflect the vulnerabilities faced by those in lower socioeconomic positions. It is essential to address these systemic inequities and advocate for a more just and inclusive society, ending the cycle of mistreatment and discrimination suffered by people in challenging circumstances.

The Path Towards Change:

Overcoming personal hardships and systemic inequities is undoubtedly a daunting task. However, fostering a sense of empathy, compassion, and understanding within society can begin to challenge existing power dynamics. Encouraging dialogue, raising awareness, and working towards policy changes are crucial steps in dismantling the systemic barriers that lead to inequality. Additionally, supporting organizations and initiatives that advocate for vulnerable individuals can contribute to the creation of a more equitable and compassionate society.


As November 7, 2023, marks 98 days of enduring personal hardships, it is important to confront the emotions tied to feeling like a bad person for an extended period. The loss of access to vital resources like the library and community spaces further compounds the challenges faced. Moreover, the actions of Pladium Security highlight the existence of systemic inequities perpetuated by bullies within the mind caste system. By fostering empathy, promoting dialogue, and working towards policy changes, we can pave the way for a more just and inclusive society, where individuals facing hardships are met with compassion and support.

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