Pain Is At Level 8 -- I Hurt ahaha -- F.U. Pain -I Will Never Surrender

I have been awake all night (October 18-19th AM 2019) pain has been damn brutal all night its 530am, I got so much to do this weekend as this is my first weekend HOME since my "prearranged" vacation in the "Wild West of Asylums" of my HOME based City Edmonton Alberta Canada

I am very grateful for the diversion I was "allowed" for the two weeks I was away

Hell right now I am having a hard time standing up (this is my lot as I suffer in pain for you) hell someone needed to stand up and say enough of the damn bullshit mankind has been taking for generations -- what are you scared of?

Me ---

My Psychologist has been driving my attention both mind and body into both Acceptance and Fear of Pain & Wounds

Pain that is not responsive to my medicines, gets my attention

And anything above a Level 7 with extra effects worries me a little also

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