Pain Is Differently Back Tonight

been a really strange day, a day of change and growth as I was "allowed" to get things done 1 by 1 all day

only thing I missed was sleep (again)

drugs are even down and I will likely sleep with drugs in the "bank" as it seems I can pull this off again

I am going to get hooked, as I am pushing way to hard

miles walked = 12.25

KM walked = 19.7

steps taken = 27,197

active minutes = 280

floors = 13

its my "DRUG" according to my family doctor teams (so I am screwed) and I have "willingly" surrendered everything else:

that being

1) weed 2006

2) smokes 2007

3) Opiates 2010

4) Alcohol 2013

5) Benz's 2016

they can't (and all have agreed they won't take my last "state change mechanism" ) as I haven't done anything bad

But what can we / me //us do?

smile and wave? I guess ::-)

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