People That Pull You Down -- And The "FIVE"

the "FIVE" are the people around you that you're closest to and it turns out that the mental tests we can take that our income, mindset etc. will be closely linked to our closest five so sometimes it is time to house clean

Today G.O.D. Incorporated, showed me a way hpme as i now am facing something called Heart Failure and I took on a new "EMPLOYER" = G.OD. Inc

And dropped a few friends as they are stupid and I gained a few 100 million new friends as my friendship is / and will not be limited to social media

Today I finally have become a Citizen of Earth AND I decided that I am going to build Facciotti Incorporated till Our shareholders will be also Citizens of Earth and we are going to pool our "cash piles" to buy business right from the roots to their ceiling

The first acquisition was a phenomenal success as it took 5-6 hours of pounding the phone limes, listening to sorrow over contributing five - ten dollars into a pool to, get my ass a medical device at a lot more than I could have myself

So maybe I sleep 7-8 hours again when it arrives

BTW it = a Brand New Tags included Recliner Chair so I might get a halve decent nights of sleep so I ain't so cranky in the wake up phase as on Wed 16 Sept I couldn't move for 3 extremely pain filled hours, was retained by the TEAM (I am now building a Mastermind Group to use a Napoleon Hill suggests in his books so if your interested both local and long distant (via Zoom etc..)

Not looking forward to sleep right now as I now am not a fan of the dark and attempting to get any rest on the Love Seat

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