Personal Demons

It has been 6 years 5 months 21 days since I have tasted the sweet nectar of the grape and when I just reached out tp an agency called Addictions & Mental Health @2424 all the girl had was a number (this is called deferred responsibility) to AA who has a damn success rate of 3% (fucken great) I am dealing with level pain from three wounds on my coccyx (tail bone) and I get a damn number -- this girl didn't even know what AUD was and that it actually (fucken) kills a human being every 10 second on earth

Then she used the "well its a choice card" this girl is making 40K plus a year and all she wanted was to use deferred responsibility as I have a choice not a disease (I really can't be left to educate those working in the Addictions and Mental health industry)

Can I?

Where is my paycheck?

All I waant now is a damn drink and a puff

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