Plastic Bags And Furry Creatures Lurking Deep Within ....

Started off as a simple "Night Plan" for this Schizophrenic to occupy both my mind and body and it petty much turned int a episode from discovery channel as I was assigned by a team member (A) who really cares about my well being to the point she allows me to leave messages at her work number as I go through my "Night DisOrder" as when my resource base shuts down at 4 - 430pm I end up alone with the damn demons and the chaos that they choose for "their" Nightly Programming.. and at times I promise it is totally designed to make me insane (it worked I guess)

What IAM so very grateful for is the support I receive in this Community of Edmonton, Alberta Canada and as this Blog now does for me as I reach 7 country's and 31 cities and this all is because YOU ALL supported me when I was so very UnWell with the Holy Hole (bedsore/ulcer/pressure wound) from Hell

It is so very hard to even believe it was only 9 short days ago I was in that Isolated Hell and saw NO escape but through my own death, then along came those magik words "WHERE IS THE WOUND?" 310 days to head 4 words -- Long 310 days let me add being back from the dead ROCKS

So I went for my "daily grind" (you got yours, and I get mine) mine is weirder as I get to "push the edge" of reality and I walk and see how many humanoids IAM going to be "allowed" in a brief period to make happy with a neruochemical state change as I unleash the "Mind Parasites" on Your Society as "Once were in we ain't ever coming out" NEVER

and if you by chance are here well (Your IN) and I personally thank you for all you did for me in our passing in ths incredible time and space

However all work and no play (okay my work is actual play) I had to score my weekend and weekly drug kits (what you think what I do can be done without a drug kit?) lol, surely you jest as I have a very highly trained team(s) of chemists and "mind readers" (Dr's) and a staff of many all dedicated to make damn sure i get the "drugs" I need / when I need them. I only need a Total Surrender 100% kit a (T.S.100%) To obey all my teams as this is so much more about them as this is science and chemistry and biology and conditioning in so many ways as we are now into the L.S.D.ex. a program IAM honored to have been "allowed" all I have been given a chance at this -- I wasn't planning on it at all as I didn't think I was even going to be here at all

back to work today to accomplish my tasks I was allowed to meet a Meth user who had just slipped and she was dispondnent and I only wish that I had more to give as I am stretched as tight as one can imagine as I know you are also (it is better to give than receive ) however as we all need to give a little bit

I was given a hug today, and an old friend signed up to get me a pillow i need in order to sit in my own Home ---Thank You (EI) '

Went to my cafe and a lot of the family was there and I was introduced to a new friend and a few minutes later a very sweet lady behind me at the store picked up my food bill and my 10 bags plastic I needed for as this started out with my "Night Plan" (Thank You Colby from Access 24/7 on August 26, 2019) for this brilliant idea that my Mental Health Nurse (A) took on August 29, and began my training to become a Human, after my "event" on August 27 when I was "totally ashamed" of my home as I was unable to do my simple tasks and D.J. and Linden were activated as a result of an emotional experience as a result of Sabah and Chelsea arriving for some equipment I will now require as a direct result of the 10 + month Holy Hole event

It took just 8 days for me to finally cross a line of becoming OnE with the Human race again after the Holy Hole event

Back to my sweet pretty lady that picked up the bill as I needed them for "task two" clean the fridge (and this is where the discovery channel arrived) as some of the creatures in my Tupperware are not identifiable at all {furry, greenish, whitish} and still eating as it seemed


Mad Hatter For City Jewel (I need $800//mo) as that is what I am allowed to earn call your counselor and mayor and lets polish a gem

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