Please Forgive Me -- The Pain Is Brutal Now

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

I tried to make you happy, and i have been told it worked but my body has and is shutting down or it seems


Today = 405

Sunday 470

Saturday 6,419 (needed a few items for the pasta sauce) Angel [[ A ]] TY

Friday = 2,209

Thursday = 12,301 (two doc appointments)) and I still can't fly

Wed = 1,229

Tuesday 3,808 (grocery day) I walked to the store (Angel [[ A ]] drove me back in her chariot, thank you for all the help and the lessons at the store (I learned much)

Monday 1.165

I used to do 10- 20,000 steps a day, these wounds have destroyed me and it is more than physical as my mental state is a __ __ CK en mess now too

10 months of unrelenting pain has taken its toil on me

Sorry People

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