PLEASE I beg you no more walking today Saturday Nov 2

I already did 11.73 Miles = 18.7 km --and I managed to make a few small kids smile, a few seniors also and so many other incredible people ,react in a positive manner to a damn dance as a schizophrenic meets the end (yah I know it was supposed to be a secret but its hard too keep one from me) `

And you all took away my tea after 2pm -- and I really do NOT hurt that much more as 8mg of Suboxone seems to be the levels we were looking for (finally)

Thank YOU DR G (you and YOUR Team are brilliant) and I am sorry form my behavior in class last SESSION BUT THINGGS WERE A MESS AFTER 14 DQAYS IN

I BEG your forgiveness -- and I will be gooder in class this week I "promise" as I want to earn my stickers for my books

Can I at least get couple of bottles at ICS (of water as they have 30 types so I could actually get a wee bit amused to death)


Had my chest shaved by a Cardio Nurse at the Hospital as I am learning to Surrender (they are kind) -- They are super jet sales people after work hours Note To Self (BECAREFUL) and enjoy

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