Private ? Physiatrist ? Life Coach? L.S.D. ex. ?

Why not get me a "life coach?" and a Doctor to design the Medication Profile?

Just how the hell is this all going to be manifesteed ?

Who is going to set it all up?

Do I have any say in the LSD (Life Stlye Design) of it?

Do I even have a team anymore or did I blow the hell out of that illusion?

Working with the "team?"

So for decades, (they) the mental health (industry) made mass sums of money off of (MY) suffering as this is a *in my case* what if it was (a manufactured mental illness))

I didn't ask for anything at all--- (Suffering) / (Amusement) / (Management) S.A.M.

You all, gave me so much that one could never dream as big as yiu all have dreamed

hide it in front of me and I will never ever find it (my pain level is 9+ again) and the medications are almost done for the night too

hide it in frint of me and I will never ever find it (my pain level is 9+ again), just tossed 600mg of Gabapententin at and 10pm will bring 1,000mg of Tylenol (it is a prescion attack) as I was allowed to observe in the hospital while I was allowed to be there under some great Doctors and Nurses)

Today I learned my days (even my (hours) ) are extremely limited) and I am looking forward to the trip to the sky)

It is cool too-->

Best / weirdest / worst section of the --> Psychological Experiment & Lab Research Incorporated is that I get to leave, whereas you all are somewhat stuck in the mode your in at present:

But will it matter when man is done - dinning here aat the banquant tables of the Gods & Goddesses?

Or will there be any kind of leftovers at all

You ALL know I got slammed in this last year of "human time" we call 2019 with a wound and a carry forward of Schizoaffective Disorder (yah they needed to load me with two of the worst elements known to mankind to attempt to break me) and a coccyx bedsore '

You did?


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