Project, To "Save A Dying Man"

The day this on-line project began was July 16, 2019 and I had pain levels between 8-9.5 and a nurse suggested I set up a blog, I ahd no idea as to how to such a thing,I could surf the web, and stuff but since I got sober I had no idea (I did a wordpress blog in 2010 drunk, and something on blogspot around that time)

This as way different as I am sober now for 6.5 plus years and stuff changes when you are not altering your brain chemistry as I did from 1975 to 2013 (38 years)

The very fact that I am even here is a trip I should of died so many times

This attempt was going to cost me my "savings account" but I was dying and those whom knew me knew this

It has been 49 days--and it along with the Love, Kindnesses, Pure Genius attacks at the medication (massive changes) the expertise of our health care professionals - caring and commitment and on my part I had to let everything go (ALL OF IT) as if it worked I lived if it failed I was a dead man

It worked (Thank You Jesus) [my choice of belief] and it is truly like coming back from the dead as it seems all new

Blog Stats At 213am September 3, 2019, after 49 days

Users 250 Page Views 4,055

Sessions 719

Thanks to Google Analytics for these numbers

One of the (cool / weird / confusing) aspects of my Mental Challenge is that we Schizophrenics love numbers and graphs --

This and YOU ALL have kept me going as I wrote the 4,055 pages that have been viewed -- This even with my Elementary School Education -- who knew -- that a distinct lack of formal "conditioning" (into a system that would take our lives for 40 odd years) if we just shut up and became a "COG IN THE MACHINE" -- some escape -- I didn't for a while, until I was forced to give it all up (EVERYTHING) and live with my life strapped to my back for a few months

Project to save a dying man -- By The Way -- Worked


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