Put Me In A Cage

I am turning (and YOU as a society did this) at least the medical "establishment" did this to me, and the crime is ''[[THEY]]'' always knew what ''[[THEY]]'' were doing right from that get go on the first Opiates

__ __ CK

"[[THEY]]" knew the outcome decades in advance and had the economic resources to play the game out

and a $1,176 / year increase in the club that I attended when I was well enough *$98/mo*

New counters ./ cabinets / sinks and being in the 22% of the complex that scored this incredible gift wasn't luck as even one of the contractors called it Heaven

"[[THEY]]" moved me around with my family and without my family like a pawn on a chessboard which "[[THEY]]" do still till this day, and ''[[THEY]]" even possess the Key' Lo to stop tthe pain

And it is likely a very simple Key' Lo somewhat like ''ask and you shall receive'' and surrender (which as a free man who has done time for pretty much an invented crime I will never do) EVER

I will go to the grave in pain and hopefully soon too before I actually submit again

They made me what I am they created me, always remember that - however I was "Designed By Society Inc" now your sort of stuck with me for the life time or so as my death is something "[[THEY]]'' are working hard to create now as I rapidly learn the tools of their worlds (it is not of my world) as I live not in a physical world

I know I speak of things that are not oof this world as I am neither of your world, but yes I occupy space here as I attempt to bring joy and happiness as I see so much sadness here in this wealthy city and earth as we are wanting a different state all the time and it always eludes us the harder we want the further away it moves it leaves us always wanting in always

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