Q-4-U ++ More --- November 28, 2020

"It's simply a matter of doing what you do best and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do." ~ John R. Amos

this last few weeks have not been a easy few as I have been in self-isolation 2x (first time November 12, 2020) where the results came in negative 4 days later and now again on the 26th of November, 2020 where I snapped and protested tthe swabbing again till today as I got a Letter from my Personal Physicain who seemed disapointed in my behavior as I was tired on the 26th when it was suggested that for the 5th time (yes you read that right) my 5th time I agreeded to be swabbed yet again

I am feeling better from my headcold (and I am sure that is all it was and I just needed to rest awhile)

I took yesterday and slept 29 hours out of 24 --I needed to shut me down as I push hard on me, I have no idea no more

I feel great now but since I had a syptom (A STUFFED NOSE) i now need a test as this is the right thing to do. I am waiting for a call to see when they can do the test and it should be here soon then we swab and then I wait for the results

This is my 5th swab and 5th isolation and I have felt like giving up a few times, but I can NOT as I have a social obligstion to do this

The only thing I hope now is that it is the oral swab and not the nasel one, that is the only mercy I ask

Again I am tired as I have been up since 130am "attempting|" to


I at 230am began looking for an external source to do this as this is a natural as we as people look for a way out that is easiest



I realized that the source energy to FIX MY LIFE \ needed to flow and come from within my heart and soul

and so it began and so far and it has only been a bit over 18 hours as its 920pm I have come to realize that it took me 59 years to get as screwed up as I am and a overnight FIX (Insta Cure) is not going to work well

But I have 40 years still to go so I can't give up now

Tonight I down grade my mind and dim the out flow and I will

Continue a thread of posts entitled


In the next while I will be relaunching the Podcast if the budget allows it:

And the commity agrees with the idea

I don't get extra to run these side projects and I don''t be allowed to raise chickens in the apartment ---- ground hogs yes (chickens no) and BTW I AM Kidding all this COVID 19 shit has got me stressed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ground hogs lol

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