Q-4-U ++ More --- November 30, 2020 = K60 / 69

"Anything that is wasted effort represents wasted time. The best management of our time thus becomes linked inseparably with the best utilization of our efforts." ~ Ted W. Engstrom

I feel amazing tonight, I was swabbed today as a protection for me and you as last week I had a plugged nose and last night a seeriously runny nose

Today I managed to grab 6+ hours of good sleep (this is important to all humans) and YOU know I am finally starting to feel like maybe I fit in here on Planet E'

And we are finally just 69 days away from the feast of Keylo' / Lucien at K60 / 69 and I will have been here for 60 years

I couldn't have done it without ALL OF YOU

endel has been mellowing me out tonight as I get deeper and deeper down the "rabbit hole" as I finally figure out what it is that I actually want in life

who knew a iPhone could / would hold a key' lo to the regaining my sanity after all these years as I was supposed to get an injection last week and I am not sure it is needed and I am not the one who is capable of making these choices

But, hang on here a momento as if i was your child and no one knew what the side effects of an injection were would you allow the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) to stick $600 worth of chemicals into your very body as the bible says somewhere in it

"The body is your Temple" and we should treat it as such

They decide for me as I am only -- "Their's ( the mental patient )

And since they took "over" and "control" of my life and "Orally Raped" me by pulling 22 teeth out of my mouth on June 22, 2016 in a procedure that took my violater 45 minutes with "zero freezing" it was a test of my pain control metheods as when we get a tooth pulled or wisdom teeth extracted it is with pain killers and freezing -- I had 22 teeth extracted in 45 minutes without any freezinng (it saved her about $300) and the blood was crazy .. she was / is TRUE EVIL -- and I was a prisioner in a group home at the time and had zero supports from any one or where -- I still have nightmares and no one hears me cry at night all alone still as she hurt me people

I would do anything for a chance to eat a apple normally again ANYTHING




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