Q-4-U - October 28, 2020

"You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself." ~ Marcus T. Cicero

Once upon a time in a jail cell in north Edmonton Alberta was a man all alone for days on end (88) and 80 days in a being aperation, feeling, sensation of a God like being arrived to do a make a deal, in MXD cell 22

As life is deals and sales and this deal would consume the man in the box as 23 hours a day over long periods seemed to do something to my mind /brain and I would open my Heart and be enveloped by this entity of a GOD presence

This story has never been told until this day, and the day is right as we a human population are all ay at a plaice where we all feel stuck / trapped and a wee bit lost and confused by a being we also can't actualy see a virus so small an destructive it has at this day killed some, 1 millions plus have passed away as we are almost it seems helpless to contain

I was freed from the cell just 8 days after the Covenant was struct and the next phase of my lesson would begin == my exile of 3 years plus was just beginning and I would be taught and tested so may times till I came home again

and the testing has just begun now see the podcast I have the great privelged to do and

\\\\\Gog Bless you all

aka Mad Hatter aka Keylo aka lucien@madhatterexerience.com if you want to make a donation to help out

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Have a great night and be safe

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