Quote From A Paper Story That Saved My Life

This appeared in The Rat Creek Press on October 2018

" I changed the way that I looked at the world and the world changed around me" Lucien Faciote:


The story is on Page 12

Thank you all Angels

Had it not of been for Tekla finding me walking down a street on August 2018 and deciding that she could create a image out of the deal.

Tekla you did (along with Rebecca) and the TEAM at Rat Creek Press so much more than that a the story came out on October 1, 2018 and then 14 short days later the worst thing that ever hit me and my life would occur on October 15 we (my medical team) discovered what was almost my undoing a bedsore (a __ __ CK-EN bedsore)

Inadvertently Tekla and I know YOU hate me now as all those calls to pull me back from the edge of eternity and saaved my life

You were always there until the hospital when I panicked as I thought I was going to die as after seeing 12 dead bodies my brain was a mess

still need you to write the book Tekla ( Saving The Light) as Lucien in Latin = The Light--- it was / is like all this was written a very long time ago -- sitting waiting for humanity to act and now most of my life makes sense all of a sudden and


Thank YOU Tekla


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