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Learn to work harder on yourself than you do at your job. If you work hard at your job you will make a living. If you work harder on yourself you will make a fortune.

Jim Rohn

Daily Tip ~ Invest in yourself because no one else will

The last few weeks have gone like that I wanted so much to begin a serious QUEST for education and I thought I could get the "system" to fund it lol --- Good try I was shut down everywhere and I finally in a chaotic state decided to go back to November 28, 2020 some 138 days days wrote a line in my book (a personal day time like book) that read


It was like 230-330am on that day and I was up in pain and I was not a happy person at all however a few hours ( yes change can happen that fast ) as it does for me a lot when I am under a lot of stress and pressure

I wrote a few hours later ( It is ) " MY LIFE, and I have to FIX it MYSELF " and I started to re-frame and change the way that I looked at the things around me including some of the things it was seeming I had shit for control over and I said in my "heart and soul"

"It is time" and I decided that I finally OWN MY LIFE by taking as much Personal Responsibility for it that I could and I was scared as I didn't have a personal map of reality, and I would in the next few days begin to pull apart what was my life up and up until that point and change it all the time remembering that

The Map Is NOT The Territory

And then just 12 days later it hit the fan as I was pretty much fired from the medical clinic I went to for about 9 years from 2011 to 2020 and at first I was frightened and shit worried as I had no idea as to where I was going to receive treatment at (well they built a clinic across the alley from my balcony deck) and my medications were already coming from there and I knew they had a bunch of great people and doctors throughout the clinic and it took me just 3 days to find a incredible doctor who has helped me so much that it is not funny

A few day later on the week of Christmas I was hospitalized as my legs swelled up and they were concerned at the ER ( the Police said that I was being Formed, [a 30 day hold] ) and when I went in I had zero and I had to figure out away to get a few things as the phone was dying and I needed a charger and a few other items

I trusted a complete stranger whom I had and still have yet to meet with the keys to my house as I had no so called friends to bail me out with a favor ( then they jumped all over me for "trusting" a stranger )

This last few weeks ( 19 weeks 5 days ) since I wrote that I needed to FIX MY OWN LIFE in a log book have been incredible and I am so very, very blessed as I am also sober and now clean and I feel good ( yes I still have some aches and pains but shit I am 60 years on this earth and I am proud of what I have done )

Tonight I work on me and my studies and my side hustles as this is the WHY I am here and this blog is a side hustle and I enjoy sharing the chemistry set of reality with you all so thank you all for your support and may you all be Blessed throughout the year of 2021

God Bless YOU ALL

Lucien / aka The Mad Hatter Experience

The Light

Smile it is contagious as heck

And I am also Back to Help You Smile as the "MISSION" of This Mad Hatter is to "Make Happy People" if you unhappy you call me and I make you HAPPY ok?


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