Q~4~U ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~March 10, 2021 A Plus Post

"I've always felt it was not up to anyone else to make me give my best." ~ Akeem Olajuwon

In the last 34 days, I have been reunited with some of my family an incredible cousin and it has opened my heart and mind to the potentials of TC (Technological Communications) and how it OPENS doors to the Heart

I like being 34 (oh shit I am 60) it has been a while when I was a younger man but I had my PR (Personal Reality) compromised by drugs and alcohol and I am so very blessed to even be alive right now

about 10 days ago I lost around 3-500$ worth of food as the refrigerator / freezer packed it in and Carolyn was there along with my personal tribe to pull me through the rough of this as the food still hasn't been fixed and it will take time, as I am in a new phase of my life and I no longer will stuff (over stuff) a electric devise that can fail as this blew me away and cost way to much when one lives below the Poverty Line (which is a measurement I still do NOT understand anymore) at ALL

I have regained a massive foothold on my physical / mental health and I am feeling so very Blessed by the LOVE that has flowed my way

The inability (mine) to continue to walk 9-16km a day is now the reality as I have as it seems do also have some 80% of the population of people that live as long as I have *60* a curved spinal column and when I walk 1-2km now I am happy as I only as I said before need to make one person smile and I have been very blessed in this way

Tonight I pray we all are on the right tracks as I still worry about YOU ALL and the "choices" we are all pretty much being made to make and I am afraid all the science is not yet in

WE will survive as we always have

Good night for now and I am going to study for awhile and then have a early night

God Bless


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