I DO NOT -- have much but I do have my imagination my faith and my Personal Belief System -- MY -- P.B.S.

Today I was allowed to walk a lady who was capable of communication with a Mad Hatter to her car a Porsche Panamera, (looked it up when I got home and it goes from $99,500 to $226,000)

And it was a decent talk about Masks, COVID and I even brought up as I have done before R.O.E. (Rent On Earth) payment for being here amongst, everything that there just happens to also be here

First lets come to a basic understanding

I am getting better (Health) wise as I am taking

C.O.N.T.R.O.L. L.A.B.S. I,N,T,E,R,N,A,T,I,O,N.A.L

"I Will NOT Give UP"

Months NOW I Have been awaiting for a Messiah ? ( GURU ) whatever to "fly in" on

A.I.R. C,A,N.N.A.B.I.S. (we fly higher than the rest)

Well she is not coming (unless) she is, as she is the one and we all know it will take a interesting and complicated lady / girl / mistress to make this work

And she would need to be structure oriented ( can we domesticate a Mad Hatter) REALLY?

Remember it takes a Community to Raise a Mad Hatter and He has got to want to be Raised in the first place

Today I had the fortune, too bump into a gentleman who looked like he was down on his luck and I am broke (cash wise again) as I never have bills no more

But I just had a refund from a book come back today so I guessed I was about $20.99 richer than my buddy on the street hanging on to his blanket as it was a good friend of his

So I asked him "Sir" (Do You Want A Coffee) and since a 7/11 was right there it was briliant as I walked in and grabbed him a "double / double" as he requested (it is good for there self esteem [anyone's for that matter] to give them control)

So I got a coffee and some extra "FIXINGS" (sugar / milk ) I remember these were important when I was homeless just under 7 years ago (there are a few items you can carry with you that are nice items to have on board in case you are Blessed with an encounter as I was today

I didn't look at t7he screen on the interbank machine like i always do

I gave him his coffee, and "FIXINGS"

And he said "THANK YOU"

Straight into my Heart

This is when we know our generosity was worth it

Thank YOU ALL for following me here


Lucien / AKA Key Lo IV / Mad Hatter

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