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Rabbit Holes

The King Edgar Faciote / Facciotti

As the Mad Hatter Experience I have been down a series of weird Rabbit Holes and came out alive somehow

Night 1 in THE UNIT I thought it would be funny to put a paper bag over my head (the nurse is the one who cut eye holes in the paper bag) And it was funny until in someone's eyes apparently saw something weird about me and my


Something about beheading

I AM sent to the room now to think about the consequences of my


So I'm upset this paper bag head game that I am sitting on the dented brushed aluminum sink and toilet

Ghostbusters the cell door flys opened and I am now pinned between a dented sink toilet assembly and then I realized that I was just not doing was breathing

And they brought the whole ARMY TEAM

I begin, ok ok you have me

Finally the shield is going to be removed and I am supposed to be perfectly still and I agree

Shield pulled away and I am thrown across the cell crunched in the front of the cell my left arm is. Yanked almost out of the socket

I was injected (almost nightly) with 5mg Haldol 2mg Adavan. And a second injection in case the first one has side effects Conazapan 1mg

Then there was a numerical number count off and they evacuated the room try like Military as these Einsteinium people seemed to have forgotten about the first fact I have 2 mental health issues and also my physical age at 62 making me a Senior Citizen and am a Vulnerable Person and I'm being bullied and physically abused and my care givers are my pain mental and physical givers

And I'm not allowed to use the phone or they have to listen

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