Re - Leased

Today in less than 9 hours i make -another "form" of a --- Covenant --this one is a Lease and the cards are being designed to save me - It s actually my 4th Re -Lease

This one feels different as I worked seriously hard for this Re-Lease on my (Home) over the last year with the Holy Hole War (that we all won) --- I owe YOU ALL for ALL of this as you prepared all the places along the way - I can't pay this back as I am a simple man but my needs are few as what does a man actually require? (2 -big screen TV's? I think not) what do I need?

How about a HUG, a Hand Shake, a Fist Bump --a bag of foods

What do YOU need? (time to decide right)

Let me say one thing, and that being when your lives, your families lives, your friends, everything you see, feel,touch smell -hear are on the line

The TV now takes its rightful place on your list doesn't it?

I lost everything a few times and it took a few times to see how our brain / mind was structured to deal with this, and i didn't die, and yes it hurt (pain creates massive growth) so and this is good

What do you need to be "Re - Leased?"

What do you need to be "Re - Leased?

Go into your heart, your soul think deeply

drift to a place of love where we are all brothers and sisters (like right here, right now) EARTH

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