Can you imagine how it feels to have your least understood organ your brain Re-Wired and then a doctor attempting to correct the wiring as a Nero Electrician, chasing Nero Chemicals with other Nero Chemicals

Sometimes it works, and other points in the Human Equation it fails, all the while you the Human Being with the faulty Wiring must stand strong and cope the struggle and falls the rises and blunders

Somedays it is horrible, other days the sky is blue, there are days surrounded by weeks outlined by months that you want to see no one at all

The Mental Health Challenges are somedays peaceful somedays like living in a Hellish salad bowl, some of the people around you understand others can no longer cope with the insanity as it on this planet must be called something so we call it Insanity and let the balls and bubbles of life take their places - some on the "mantel" some in the fires of Hell itself

And still they Re-Wire over and over again and over again and some days it works

somedays -- well needless to say it just dosesnt as with all we know about the

Brain and Mind

we understand it is a system a computer still beyond mankind's processing power at this year (point) in the year and well

This about your computers hard drive crashing and the best Tech (IT) has a idea but no working manual as to how to fix it and it becomes a fix and pray experiment and your the meat on the table AGAIN

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