Reading A Book

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza just down loaded it this last week or so, been getting iinto this Kindle and Audible books structure

I am able to learn more it seems this way

I decided that a year or so ago I had a idea to start a Mental Health Clinic (this tools didn't quite exist at that stage)

they do now:

and after a few (too many) books -(loneliness may need yet to take a look at the DSMIV again)

You see what I want (to be able to walk around my town with a "BIG GREEN HAT, A WALKING STICK, A LONG TRENCH COAT" and to make people smile / happy in very brief periods of time (as you drive bye in a blink of an eye I get the great opportunity to "change your states")

State Changes --- we all ''SEEK THEM OUT'' --

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