Really? No Not Really?

Oh God – And You Please Forgive Me

This month has been a horrible period and I have been so sick / ill and I fell down and you all showed up to carry me further as the journey of 38 years trapped in a darn Bottle of Booze took its tole on my heart and soul and tonight October 23, 2019 I am so very tired as I cant relax as The Pain Has Been hardcore and I am so very saddened as this life I was given 58 years ago was a mess even before I was allowed to start

My heart hurts tonight as (I hurt physically now also, and I have never experienced pain as such until this last year) October 15, 2018 till October 24, 2019 (we will see how much I will still suffer before I go HOME to the Holy FATHER & my BROTHER JESUS CHRIST

I just want the pain to end – before I create a new generation of crazy people

I am so sorry for the mess I created with my life please forgive me


There are some products out there that make shareholder’s rich (stock market) Mutual Funds , EFTs , Pension Funds that own them like BOOZE / WEED / SMOKES that actually will KILL YOU – and they (the companies and products do NOT screw around DEATH is there PRODUCT

IAM Leaving as I got my passes and I only have a few items to give away, and a few to sell then I am done – YOU see I was never of this physical world – and I ask for guidance daily as I leave my home to not allow the physical world to NOT control me—I wrote out a mission statement and a few other important at least to me at that time (DO NOT) do and tell your psychologist or mental health nurse or other health care professional that you have written out a

Obituary – even when it is a part of a course you are working on (and if you have a hole in your body it only intensifies their anxieties) as after all

What are you hiding in the HOLE (GOLD RIGHT??) kidding – don’t tell em though

Hey it was a factor in my getting a 30 day certificate written (they can HOLD you in custody) [I was allowed my freedom when the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) The System realized I was actually dying anyways and this was not in their interest (after they injured me) I was released after 14 to resume my own version of therapy at home *I am now at day 20 of Treatment / Therapy* (this is will continue till I go to the Holy Father now) less interference by the agency that owns me, if I do not play fair ( The Mad Hatter always plays fair) most times

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