Reasons NOT To Get Sober

You lose all (most) of your friends, drinking buddies and since that is what you did this means well (ALL) as sober people don't hangout with drunks and drunks don't hang out with sober people (could be why divorce rate is 50% as we don't mix at all)

And don't blame the booze, as once the A.U,D, (Alcohol Use Disorder) takes over, your just screwed, as you get no one, and the and for the sake of this disaster movie called MY LIFE you by chance get O.U.D. (Opiate Use Disorder) [Now your a junkie too] well this limits your contact base down even further (less friends) see a pattern building here, hey this shit-com is about to get better even more, lets give me a dose of Schizophrenia (1% of the population) -- and try finding these guys / girls as we as a society and very, very good at playing "lets hide the schizoids" (and I am blessed as I am "allowed" a few "voice mail machines" to talk to) -- "THEY" figure it is kinder than leaving me to talk to myself, KINDER (yup it is) -- were constructing a life here aren't we well a half decent Schizophrenic Life is basically not some say without a few more disorders and we have a clumping system for them to make it easier for (us/THEY) to track n trace them so lets give me for a laugh


Cluster B personality disorders are characterized by dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behavior and interactions with others. They include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder

hey who wants to live in my shoes for a day / mile (aha) bet you I don't find many takers on this offer:

Hell some days I don't want to either

Like today when for the second time in 2 weeks (I get my meds Friday afternoon for the week) and one screw up after the other has occurred in the last 2 weeks, and I deal with a lot of stress

But society (hey that is you) seems to think I need more time on the crucifix as you can never torture a schizophrenic enough can you

But you know most of "US" ? YEAH "US" SCHIZOPHRENICS can't even live on our own and instead of providing assistance to me YOU seem to be heaping on more and more stresses

it has been 35 months now:

and I am doing somewhat okay

I don't have a TV (choice) [1,600+ books] I don't have a cell phone, nor microwave, choices and I don't have a lot of money in the bank

But I have food in my cupboards, the best apartment I have ever had, I have the best medical TEAMS I have ever had and I needed them this last year to save me from a bedsore / pressure sore that damn near killed me and would of if it wasn't for the expertise that they brought to the effort to save me

Loneliness the killer of this time as even with the technology's we as a species posses it still creates so much pain and suffering

I got it,

guess I don't go out much as its the income thing but I am "allowed" to earn $1.072 extra a month so if you want to participate in this insanity a few bucks goes along ways and WHEN I GET MY HOUSING SUBSIDY BACK THAT WAS TAKEN AWAY WHEN I GOT REALLY SICK I COULD AFFORD A MOVIE ONE DAY (but you prefer to "play" (lets punish the Schizophrenics) that are actually working at doing good things in their community for one reason it seems

that being - okay 2 reasons

1) you can (you are a bigger man) okay and

2) I am just a schizophrenic (and that scares you as you fear what you don't know and you don't know by "choice" like my TV choice) only YOU call YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN

Ok its 9pm and I need to figure out a pot of soup (I get my re issued dentures at months end) and can actually have solid foods for the first times in years (and a Christian Dentist Pulled 22 Teeth Out of my mouth on June 22, 2016 with zero freezing)

BUT I AM A SCHIZOPHRENIC and I got what I needed right as I needed that Crucifixion that sad day in Alberta county side (I got what I needed HUH?)

what I find weird is in all that you to / for me over my 35 years in LOVE & PUNISHMENT is that



And in writing this post no shooters were shot, nor beers guzzled

and I would NEVER DRINK not even on a hot day on the cross

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