Remember The Future - And Pass The Dip

Long time ago I was so alone I had no one at but for one man who worked ferociously to teach me in so many areas - that the stress on him as I went tumbling straight into a deep pit with more levels than a jumbo onion wears to the Halloween Ball on Christmas Eve must have been immense -- If only I could re-write the script from 1975 to 2013 (I would have shielded you sir from me, as I was alone, angry,depressed, broke, and hateful, I was just coming off "MY LIFE" and I had nothing (ya I had a big boy box of crap, stuff, sh*t) but I had no people left as my last groupings left as i changed my "life style management structure" to discontinue the booze, as "MY" last "state change" agent I should say "TOXIN" as it deserves no "rights, special privileges" as it out right kills with A.U.D. (Alcohol Use Disorder) killing one human right here on "our home planet" every 10 seconds, these are W.H,O. (World Health Organizations) numbers and all we have for data at this stage of "human development"

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