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I am not alright

I as I have said have spent the last 4.5 plus months on a short "LOVE SEAT" (from hell) that has destroyed my mind as sleep deprivations will (sane minds would have given up long ago) \

and mine is sliding away now too

Yah all went home to your beds and didn't give a shit about the guy that made you happy (if only for a moment)

I get a lunch baggie of BIG PHARMA daily now as I guess I went down and hard around Sept 20, 2020 when I was admitted to the Royal ALEX and the EMS (did the "he is crazy sign by spinning a circle in circles by his head and pointing at me) Professional Grade (Bouman) you fuck asshole (Stony Plain EMS) winner

but then I would go unconscious 2-3x my heart would drop to 28 BPM and I was scared \

Then on the weekend of the 27th the EPS would attend (AND) Would mess me over again the fuck

I am NOT doing well

But now neither are you

And were all kinda stuck in this can of sardines and we have no way out ahahaha (humans kill each other) go figure COUPLE this all with COVID

we lose

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