The $50 a month blockage created by my personal physician not the government not the weather, not God but my very own doctor

This one is a simple extra can of Ensure Plus a day as she just doesn't want to address the underlying issues here as she said I spend my money on things other than food my

costs this year and I have records (remember i have schizophrenia) and have to be held to a higher standard than everyone else on this spinning dot we call Earth as I am the beacon the Light and need to show the way

The underlying issue is my dentures (simple) nah he (me) is just crazy right doc??

Costs for food

January $369.59

February $414.97

March (entered hospital for wound on March 11 so its a brief month) $170.50

April (left hospital on April 25 so it is also a short food month, and then i needed to restock the fridge as i had some spoilage) $128.92

May $326.56

June ' $313.79

July till July 20, 2019 $259.54

TOTAL $1, 983.87

cost per day (# days Jan 1 to July 2o = 200 days)

costs $1,983.87 / 200 = $9.92 a day for food costs

Doctor how many of your clients can produce data like this? And understand the data and see room to make it better for my purposes BTW thank you for forcing this issue of a single can (extra) of Ensure Plus as i need calories to heal the wound

But then again "it is not as angry" on the outside the wound is under the skin where the nerves are (but then again you know that) "embarrass me by pulling my pants down for your amusement again in front of your resident evil doctor watching also"

Shame on YOU picking on a mental patient Shame on YOU doctor

I made a promise i wouldn't be scared of bullies as I went through the events of the tough 37 month experiment I was put on

I should have been able to trust you SHAME ON YOU

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