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Sadness For Humanity

I have as you may have been listening and hearing me Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote/ Facciotti II tripping out of my mind with the pain and the suffering I was subjected to under military and against the rules of Canada Alberta Edmonton as I was denied a call for first 22 days and then I was dropped off downtown in a Tee and my long trench coat it was-:29c. And they cut my debt card off I was not able to get a simple cup of coffee from the places I was a frequent person at

I was renting from a public housing group owned by the city and during my imprisonment this CITY OWNED AT A ARMS DISTANCE has a Moral Choice here to ingnore me and my family and my friends are the TEAM or begin to figure out how to get my stuff back Sohi and Wrecking Crew in the Q12. ( first time these elected officials have formed a secret Quiet in the Shadows Government )

I'm actually very very sad for my family and friends in and of Edmonton as when they (The City/State) ok province of Alberta Canada) partners like you did to DESTROY the person I was becoming aware of becoming

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