Saving The Light -- One Year After

it took the collective of all of you and all your waves and smiles and donations (candy etc) the skills of crisis line workers as I was stricken with the worst physical issue I had ever experienced and was suicidal multiple times

Took the skills of all the Home Care Nurses, over a whole year as they had to treat not just my wound, but my heart and my mind as I was scared as when you have pain level at 7-9 for months on end -- you quit some times (they wouldn't allow it) I walked at -20 to -30c 2 plus miles, daily for a dressing change all last winter (we may have DATS up for this one)

The Hospital Nurses at the Covenant Mis and Doctors, ranging from family, to wound and infections, to plastic surgeons, to dietitian, to foot doctors-- the team is a major reason that I am still out there and looking forwards to walking AS one of my incredible nurses says "for FUN" (me having FUN interesting idea) I will try

then the Mental Health Management Teams (from Access 24//7 that grabs the odd call when my mind and reality do a mismatch -- they know the right buttons, to change my frequency) -- to a group that entered my life just 211 days ago that brought with it, Nursing, Social Workers, Psychology (first time in 36 years) to Day Programs (stability) to Psyharitry and to a place I feel safe at when I get the injections for my mental illness (okay) my Schizophrenia (call it what it is) as

I hid for so long my sexuality cause of the thought of what society would think -- I promise in 2019 (Oct-DEC) to 2020 end -and I am pretty good at these proms es as I kept the one from News Years eve so far -but it was easy- "obey smart girls./ladies"

I am NOT ever going to hid again

Check out thsi paper as I am on page 12 (and i hope you see me a little bit better after)

and thank U Tekla for an incredible story -0- that would end up being a part of what saved my little itty bitty life

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