Saving The Light = Saving Lucien / Lucien in Latin = The Light

I didn't start this story, in fact it was written long before "I was before I was" all my life i was left on my own to my own devises (and the support of the leaders in Government to make sure I had my "basics" but "the leash was always short")... as I went about my studies in the manner I needed at the time, and the Bankers even were forgiving at times when I built my first library in Honor of My Late Father -Edgar Paul Faciote--that compromises some 1,600 volumes and a few vinyl and CD

I never planned this as I was the Black Sheep and was supposed to fail at ever corner of my passage and I did fail some, but you only get stronger every time you fall as this is why we have shoelaces "to trip us up" --- Did you really think that it was just a fastening devise? lol

The cost to save me from a lethal ending from the War of The Holy Hole War were as follow

Blog $224.82 - space and tools

Domain $13.25 $65.15 (2 years) domain registration and privacy (for the Church of The )

Business cards $51.85 (500 cards) Vista Print

(email / G Suite) = $96.35


The really weird thing is that a single "event" (admission) to a ER = Emergency Room for pain and stress management is $1,650

And we needed it only two times

January 3, 2019 when I had ZERO at all for pain management as my docs couldn't believe a simple HOLE (at the coccyx area (tail bone), where the nerve bundle rests)

August 7, 2019 (when I was at the stage after surgery on April 11, 2019 on the HOLE) taht I was now a drug seeking addict -- never see what you think you see without first knowing the story-- the next day August 8, 2019 I was started on a higher strength Narcotic Opiate than the Codeine I was seeking (BTW I bolted from the ER after 5-6 hours in the waiting area as I wasn't being seen, and was not admitted) so I guess I have 1 admission in 10 months (less the 47 days I was in the Covenant Hospital Misercordoia for surgery and Wound VAC treatment)

Remember thhe Cold Winter YOU ALL enjoyed my show in minus 20-30c at 7-8am as I was going 5 days a week to get my wound attended to that I brought you some pleasure as you drove by in your warm car sipping your coffee on the way to work

I live on AISH (1600 a month)

I needed Hats $60 x 3 / year (Mad Hatter Hat)

Coats summer (this one needs replacement soon [next season] and winter (I should be good for another year here to - less dry cleaning which is needed, I didn't think I was going to see Fall) as I was very "unwell"

Staffs (Canes) $45 x 3 a year (it somehow became a part of this)

And the candy 907gr a month $20

What is a smile (for you worth)

and I wouldn't ask but it took all my savings after i set this blog up;

Would I do it again (the blog not the wound) Yes as it saved my life

BTW two days after i spent my last $65.15 on the Church Blog, and Then the same day as I saw Plastics (surgery) and invests the last totally $9 in candy as I was nn the University Hospital area and I saw Unwell Humans and candy and my Hat brings smiles and now I / we have a new tool thebusness card I was then the beneficiary of the miracle that I dreamed of I was told "WHERE IS THE WOUND"

what I think I needed to do was to show total faith 100% in God and not 99% as I did for a while 100%

That was just 7 days ago on August 21, 2019

Thank YOU Citizens of Earth as this Blog has reached 7 countries and 29 cities and has 222 users, all from a thought as the first chapter in the second best book ever says

"Truly Thoughts Are Things" (that book was "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill 1937

So if you have an extra few dollars and want to change the world with me you know how to find me or send a email to and we can talk

or we can just do a coffee

THANKS for "allowing me to live here along side of you" on EARTH ONE

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