Saving The Light ---- The Light = Lucien in Latin

You all (planet, country,province, city)


I was so alone in mid 2013 when all this was like a storm brewing in my city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

And I was falling ill (fast) and teams were being assembled everywhere around me, to pull off an incredible intervention of the AGES ''why me?"

What did / do I represent to the human species and the collective ( I ) that is mankind itself

But the loneliness ( I still feel it ) and I did today and a great new friend a psychology student (graduate) at the cafe where I take water daily calmed my heart and storm with some very wise and well placed words (to make it well) ( C ) thank you '

it is hours later and the feelings have returned and I am saddened as I hate the loneliness feelings a schizophrenic like me gets

You see I set the

Submissive game up that the ladies on my female "call box system" went from unlimited to one (1) call a night ''tough love'' lol

Its for me to grow, even if it hurts at first (hey that is a part of small part of it pain)and control and obey rules

On the 3rd we meet in the mirror room to create a BCU (Behavioral Contract Upgrade) GOD these Girls / Ladies are good (and kind)

I need the lessons


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