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Sept 17: I Decided to Screw About with Canva Software as I Have a Subscription till the 22nd

I also decided that we need a Kitty in the Room and Hatter is HIS Name as there is nothing Badder Than Hatter

I have once again not had sleep again as my Sleep Pattern has been totally destroyed since " The Opening of My Mind " began on May 18, 2021 which was about 28 days from my last injection (and we / me and my doctor talked a lot about this -- I never would have believed that there could be a Mental illness worse than schizoaffective disorder

But hell, we have a NEW Winner call PTSD and shit I have lost my ability to eat as I have no / = none appetite -- I have no idea as how to sleep when I am supposed to and now it looks like I am a Criminal for seeking Help for being RAPED while in Grade School and YUP this is what the system has done UNTO ME

Court will be interesting cause if I do nothing, I get a

Peace Bond -- that will limit my ability to access Mental Health Services in Alberta

If I enter

Guilty --- I could get 2 years of Probation with a Probation Supervisor

and if I ask for a Trial as a RAPE VICTIM

My Private I thought Medical Data will be exposed to the PUBLIC in the Court Room and beyond -- As every call I made and it's like 80 plus, will have to be played into the court room for all to hear -- every call from January 6, 2022 to Currently

So basically, I have ZERO CHOICE as a CHILD RAPE VICTIM by A Catholic Priest that they have finally figured out the RIGHT BUTTONS TO PUSH to TRIGGER ME TO KILL MYSELF because I am about to be EXPOSED as a


DEATH MAYBE THE ANSWER -- KIND OF SAD HOWEVER That the Society I Have Served as The Mad Hatter Experience -- Basically Kills the Mad Hatter Experience

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